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Original picture of mom and sue.   A cleaned up picture of mom and sue.   This is my mom, Louise holding my big sister, Sue.

Mostly I avoid cropping photos. However, in cases like this, removing a bit of non-essential imagery, effectively repositioning the subject, can be quite affective.
  A favorite photo of Sue when she was around age three. Somehow it got a crease.

After removing the crease and a few stains, I colorized the image. Although… in her little pink dress, I think her face looks a little too brick-brown.
  Susie's picture cleaned up.   Susie's picture with a fold in it.
Sue with another fold in another picture.   Susie looking better without a fold.   This fold did some real damage, demonstrating a real loss of information.

Normally, in similar cases, I would consult other photos, however that wasn’t an option, therefore I did a best-guess to reconstruct her pre-teen teeth.
Me as a baby in a crumbled photo.   Here I am, about a year old. My father kept this photo in his wallet and I didn't come acrossed it until well into my thirties. Since I couldn’t find another like it, I scanned it and cleaned it up.   The photo of me cleaned up.
World War 2 picture cleaned up.
My grandfather with service buddies.
World War 2 picture original and damaged.
A friend's damaged photo. This old photo depicts the great-great aunt and grandfather of a friend of mine. Due to the fading, there was very little information remaining, but I managed to extract enough to make guesses for rebuilding portions to save the essence of this moment. Friend's photo cleaned up.
Drawing of me.
Drawing of a flower.
Drawing of clouds and rain.
Drawing of flower.
Drawing of a face.
Fairy face.
Woman's curves.
Drawing of flower.
Drawing of flowers.