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A bit about me...

It’s ironic to consider myself as a somewhat private person, considering I’m all over social media - LOL.

A somewhat resent image of me as of 2018. And... I don’t presume anyone viewing this page is anything like me. It’s a big world.

After traveling some, meeting many people from varying walks of life, I’ve come to realize the level of privilege my life has afforded me. I was never monetarily wealthy, but I always had means, and therefore more opportunity than most. On many levels, I’ve enjoyed good fortune and keep this in mind, as I garden, draw, paint, write, walk along the beach. ...viewing the sum of life and reality as a form of visceral, viscous, vibrant, vibrating energy of consistent change, creating, destroying, mixing, patterns, textures, fancies and flavors… forever.

I pride myself in my moral and ethical values and continue to challenge myself to be proactive rather than reactive, biasing my life towards all that is egalitarian, natural and organic, while doing my personal best to minimize my consumerism, carbon footprint and waste, and to adhere to the principles of conservation, sustainability and regeneration.

Frankly, my history lacks a certain career-mindedness and level of stability. Toggling between work-life and personal-life, with a 100% or nothing proclivity, never worked out for me. In hindsight, all throughout my 20s to through my 40’s, I’d get a good job, one possibly leading to a career, stabilize, then… the right smile, voice, intellect and charm would come along… And, I’d treat him like family, and he'd treat me like a toy or a hobby, then inevitably everything would go all topsy-turvy.

Advanced user of the following:

Microsoft Apple Adobe
Word File Maker Photoshop
Excel Final Cut Pro Illustrator
Access iMovie InDesign
Outlook QuickTime Pro Dreamweaver
PowerPoint   Premiere Pro
    After Effects
And, no matter how independent I wished to be, for some reason, the men attracted to me always wanted me to quit my job, so they could take care of me, however, these knights in shining armor never realized that I was never a damsel in distress

Besides California, I’ve lived in Washington, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, and the U.K, and am currently living in Hawaii, where I very much enjoy being single.

Over-all, looking out over my entire my life thus far… if I were to label two Mason jars, one ‘good things’, the other ‘bad things’, then take a pile of mixed nuts, and treat each nut as something or someone that impacted my life, the ‘good things’ jar would definitely be full, but perhaps contain mostly Spanish peanuts, and the ‘bad things’ jar, thankfully, wouldn't be nearly as full, but would certainly contain some sizeable Brazil nuts.

The many hats...

Eons Home Maker
20 yrs Writer (soon to publish)
20 yrs Hobbyist Web Developer
15 yrs Photographer
15 yrs Photo Repair
8 yrs Business Consultant
6 yrs Investor Services Rep
5 yrs Gardener
5 yrs Private Detective / Researcher
4 yrs Dog Walker
4 yrs AFES: Sales, Food, & Cashier's Cage
3 yrs Media Services Assistant
3 yrs Teaching Assistant II
3 yrs Instructional Media Technician
3 Yrs Advanced Application Lab Assistant II
2 yrs Military: USAF, SAC Command (honorably discharged)
2 yr Bridal Wear Designer & Consultant
2 yr Lead Regional Long-distance Sales
2 yr Cosmetic Purchaser for Retail Chain
2 yr Commission Retail Sales
2 yr Clerk Recorder I
1 yr Magnetic Tape Librarian
1 yr Halon Gas Sales
Not all my hats, many juggled during the same years.

My education & recognition...

2008 Certificate: US Coast Guard Auxiliary
20 yrs Certificate: FEMA Emergency Management
20 yrs Degree: Bachelor of Arts
15 yrs Associates Degree
15 yrs Chase Bank: Perfect Attendance Award
8 yrs Certificate: Command & Control
6 yrs Top Seller Award
3 yrs ROP Training: Data Processing, Programming
If I had the time and money, I would continue my education.

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