Logo for PixelPixy.co, showing the Hawaiian Islands, with a welcoming aloha.
Welcome to PixelPixy.com. Here you’ll find a simple, fun site – no collecting data, no ads. Hand-coded exclusively in HTML and CSS by me, Teresa Serene Hamman, the designer, developer and writer for the sole purpose of sharing my creative works. If you’re unfamiliar with web development, the background is not an image, it’s a mathematical algorithm, and if you hover your mouse over the small whimsical drawings scattered throughout my pages, your curser will change. This is where I show off, so enjoy.


Nature has forever captured my attention, especially the dance of spectral light. And although I’m an advanced user of applications like Photoshop, which enables me to easily manipulate images, unless the image is ravaged by time, I rarely ever make any adjustments. Instead, I challenge myself to capture light in its’ natural splendor.

An image of the site's webmaster at age four.


From analog to digital, the digital revolution has always fascinated me. Yet, old photos harken to me, I get a certain thrill putting life back into ravaged by time.


No matter the medium, whether ink, pastels, paint, clay or computer, I enjoy, rarely with any objective, creating art, and so my art is more whimsical. However, I can be quite focused. Using water colors, markers, colored pencils and finger nail polish, I once spent three months, with auspicious timing, creating a 4’x6’ piece demonstrating a range of plankton-like sea creatures covered in oozing black goo that I called, “Exon Valdese”.

An abstract floral art piece.


At one point in my life I used to type 120 WPM; there’s a funny story behind this. Now… I’m averaging around 60 WMP with a 90% accuracy. I like to write, so it’s convenient to be able to type fast. I’m also a fast reader. I once researched, updated and rewrote a 300-page, 26 volume, Top Secret instructional manual for the SAC Command. I’ve drafted two formal letters to two different Presidents on fancy paper, one on behalf of a foreign manufacturer pleading to lift sanctions. I’ve written scientific reports, banking policies, memos… written all kinds document types associated with many industries. These days, my goal is to self-publish a novel that I've been working on for some time.

Video / Animation

Shooting video is not tough. Kids do it all the time. Yet, combining content, editing and adding effects requires a different set of skills. Animations are time-consuming, but I enjoy creating them, however, one project is so old, it currently requires translating it into another format.

Computer Skills

I’ve enjoyed manipulating code, seeking out new computer languages, building PCs from scratch, developing databases, networking systems, designing websites, snapping pictures all over the place, creating videos, delving into ecommerce. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the digital evolution, keeping savvy throughout most of this change, however… my interests in computers, etc.… is waning, my focus is more directed to systems of sustainability and regeneration, and whatever it might take to enhance our existence symbiotically with nature.

A teal flower.
Swirling art.
An elf.
A frog, pot, and broom.
An HDTV being viewed by a rabbit and bear.
A pair of glasses.
Drawing of a flower.
A carrot.